Karissa Shannon admits to sex tape with Heidi Montag, claims Spencer Pratt stole it

Slideshow: Heidi Montags Transformation Me and Heidi were hanging out at her house in Malibu and he came over to pick up some stuff and he accidentally took my camera, Karissa told RadarOnline.com. I talk to Heidi every single day and I tried to be there for her when she was hyperlink going through her divorce, but now its starting to affect my life. Spencer had no right to steal my camera. There are other things on there that I dont want to come out, including the video of me and Heidi. Shannon told TMZ she plans to sue Pratt if he tries to sell the tape. She also said there were other things on the video she would prefer the world not see.
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Back to the day job! Kristina and Karissa Shannon sport tiny and tight dresses as they host lingerie party

People always told me and my sister, “You and your sister are really pretty. You should be a model.” Then, when we did Playboy and started to do reality TV and the movie with Sofia, we really wanted to get into acting. Now, we just love having cameras around us. SheKnows: You said you like having cameras around, but did it take some getting used to? Karissa Shannon: I got used to it really quickly. First, it was really uncomfortable, but you get used to it. I had cameras around me constantly for around two years.
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Celebrity Big Brother Playboy twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon hit rock bottom swimming in lingerie

Lucky her.) Not long after being knighted girlfriends, details of the girls’ checkered past started to hit the news. In St Petersburg, Florida in January 2007, the twins were charged with aggravated assault after they reportedly got into a fight with two other people at a house party. They were put on probation and required to pay restitution, but the arrest came on the heels of Karissa’s previous misdemeanor battery charge in November 2007. Nice. For more legit attention, ” The Shannons ” also appeared as Miss July and Miss August 2009 in the double issue of Playboy and have a minor, brief cameo in Sofia Coppola’s new film, Somewhere.
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Karissa Shannon dishes life after Playboy mansion

after Jedward). The 23-year-old Playboy bunny boilers flesh-flashers took part in Celebrity Big Bro 2012 – how could you forget their Mean Girl style hair flicking at Denise Welch, Frankie Cocozza and all the other, ahem, stars. Since then, the girls must have been busy pumping up their backsides in the gym. Have you seen how round their backsides are? Space Hoppers come to mind.
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Who is Karissa Shannon?

‘I feel disrespected’: Playboy model Karissa Shannon has threatened to quit Celebrity Big Brother after Denise Welch pulled her trousers down on the show The tears began after Denise exposed Karissa’s bottom as the group began dancing around the house after Big Brother played music into the house. Afterwards, Karissa told Denise: ‘I’ll forgive you tomorrow but I’m pissed off,’ before storming into the garden and shouting: ‘B***h! Denise just pulled my pants down. She apologised but it’s not OK.’ And in the Diary Room later, an emotional Karissa said: ‘I want to leave. I’m ready to go now, I wanna go home.
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‘I feel disrespected’: Tearful Playboy model Karissa Shannon threatens to quit Celebrity Big Brother after Denise Welch pulls her trousers down

But it seems the Playboy twins haven’t finished their business in the Capital just yet as they hosted their own party at London nightclub Aura yesterday. The blonde pair have been enjoying publicity in London ever since they appeared on Celebrity Big Brother last month – and last night was no different. We’re still here! Karissa and Kristina Shannon dressed up to host a lingerie party and show at Aura last night The twins had certainly glammed up for their special evening where they hosted a lingerie party and show. Kristina showed off her enviable figure in a dark leather-looking dress which featured a plunging neckline. She teamed it with a pair of black heels and not much else, and wore her blonde hair in a high ponytail.
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Farrah Abraham & The Case Of The Horrific Red Carpet Dress

The raunchy film was released by Vivid Entertainment, which reportedly payed Abraham $1 million. The reality star stood by her statement that her X-rated film was supposed to stay private and truly was leaked. JD Harmeyer, a member of Sterns staff, was not buying her claims. The cover of Farrah Abraham’s sex tape “Backdoor Teen Mom.” “She’s sitting here lying, It was a pre-meditated tape,” he commented. Abraham responded back, saying she does not “try” to put herself in the limelight.
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I have career plans for my first restaurant to open by the beginning of next year, as I complete my bachelors. I would hope to have a couple of restaurants open by that point, and do other business projects. Furthering your education is about learning and increasing your income value for your future and your childrens, said Abraham, who has a young daughter, Sophia. Im the example for my daughter. Even though Im already successfull and have a career it is always good to have your eggs in more than one basket. The more one can do, the less they have to rely on others. In April, Radar Online reported that Abraham sold the sex tape she made with porn star James Deen to Vivid Entertainment for $1.5 million .
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The treatment reportedly cost $12,000 at The Lukens Institute, which is endorsed by Michael Lohan and is also where Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil recently checked into a 30-day program. VIDEO: Watch Farrah’s music video Michael Lohan tells E! News of the benefits of undergoing treatment at The Lukens Institute: “The Lukens Institute is not your standard 12-step program. They deal with core issuesthe trauma that leads to addiction rather than the addiction itself,” he says.
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Why? Just, so many questions. Sometimes I think Farrah will stop being ridiculous then I see her wearing this outfitat the Crazy Horse III Gentlemens Club as the the 2013 Gentlemens Club EXPO & Tradeshow kick off party in Las Vegas. And once again, Ive just got to ask why. At least shes making use of her new boobs .
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According to RadarOnline , the 22-year-old “Teen Mom” star was kicked out of the high-end Lukens Institute rehab center on Monday night; just two days shy of completing her 10-day program, because she was a “disruptive influence” on other patients. “Her behavior became challenging,” a Radar source said. infusny-246/248/INFphoto.com Farrah Abraham was released from the Lukens Institute on Monday night, two days shy of completing her 10-day program, RadarOnline reports. Among her alleged offenses, Abraham reportedly got into arguments with staff, bullied fellow patients, made outlandish external link demands and invited paparazzi to take pictures of her.
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Farrah Abraham Porn Photos Leak: Former ‘Teen Mom’ Star Defends Selling Sex Tape (NSFW PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The Teen Mom star looked particularly cheery on Sunday in a break from the rehabilitation centre in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where she checked in for a ten day outpatient programme at the beginning of the month. Farrah showed off her extremely slender figure and surgically enhanced breasts in a coral pink bikini with gold chain straps as she hit the beach before going jogging. Day out of rehab: Farrah Abraham sports a bright coral bikini on a day off from rehab in Florida on Sunday Farrah didn’t waste the opportunity to show off her washboard tummy in a black crop top and tiny shorts for her sun soaked workout. Earlier she had worn a mint green maxi-dress with a slit up the side while chatting on the phone as she left the centre. And she seems to be enjoying her stint in Florida, tweeting last week: ‘I Love #PalmBeach,’ before posting a photograph of some July 4 beads with the caption: ‘Grilling out and fireworks xo.’ The controversial star also promised fans a ‘new Farrah’ after her treatment. ‘Thank God I’m around therapists sop they can see what BS is in my life, time to cut out the drama :’ she wrote on her Twitter page.
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Farrah Abraham Update: Begs Fans To Buy Her Gifts For Daughter And Escorts After $2 Million Sex Tape Paycheck [Read The Proof]

After Abraham made a raunchy sex tape with a porn star, the escort rumor sounds believable. Sinanaj toldRadar Onlinethat Abraham has been escorting on the website sugardaddyforme.com and meets the guys. “She flew out to see him and everything. She said they give you money to, like, go on vacation or to go shopping.
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Farrah Abraham Enters Rehab Program for Alcohol Abuse

…a few Halloween (?) costumes … … perhaps one or two Sherri Hill dresses, for the nights when Farrah’s feeling *~*~*~*CLa$$y N0t TrA$hY … … maybe a Little Mermaid stuffed animal, so little Sophia doesn’t feel left out…
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Farrah Abraham’s Amazon Wish List Obviously Includes Multiple Crochet Monokinis

You have just realized you are an awesome person and you deserve someone.” She continued : “Now that you’re 21, you’ve pretty much been crying every night because you are single and alone. So, you make your own video, celebrate your awesome body (and) get your own sexy shots. So, the person you did this with has the urge to yell it out, when he should be professional and is not, she said referring to her porn co-star James Deen , who refused to go along with the charade that the video was a leaked sex tape and that the two were dating. Abraham ended the video by putting on a pink cap with the Vivid Entertainment logo and saying, But you have companies that are interested, so why not sell it?
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Sam Jones, ‘Flash Gordon’ Star, On Why He Was In ‘Ted’

And running security operations in high-risk environments and making movies, Im very good at. Anything else, I might have some issues, you know? [Laughs] It really is a high. Being in the movies and playing a couple of superheroes and characters where other people had to depend on methis is the real deal. I feel I belong in the movie business and I belong in the security business.
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Or, do what I did with my 13-year-old: when he saw it, we covered his ears a couple of times. You did guest appearances on three of my favorite television shows when I was a kid. You were on an episode of “The A-Team.” Oh, yeah, I enjoyed it. They really made me feel at home — it was wonderful. Had a lot of fun doing it. Mr. T and all of the guys …
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Interview: Sam Jones On ‘Ted,’ His Past, Present And Future

Sam Jones: Well I was already getting recognized from Flash Karissa Shannon Vídeo Online Gordon and all of that. The thing that throws people off is that I dont have the same kind of hair that I do in Flash Gordon. A lot of people dont normally put two and two together. At the same time thats how Seth wanted to do that hairstyle in the movie. He wanted the hair to look like it did 30+ years ago in Flash Gordon. As a matter of fact, in the script it says Inexplicably his hair looks exactly the same it did thirty-three years ago and its never explained why. It just is. It was a change compared to how my hair has been for the past twenty or so years, just a high flat top. A lot of people dont really know that its me or if they know me as Flash Gordon then they can eventually put two and two together. Im curious, since youre slightly retired from acting Sam Jones: Actually its funny that you say that.
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