Farrah Abraham Thinks Being A Feminist Has Something To Do With Being A Lesbian

infusny-246/248/INFphoto.com Farrah Abraham was released from the Lukens Institute on Monday night, two days shy of completing her 10-day program, RadarOnline reports. Among her alleged offenses, Abraham reportedly got into arguments with staff, bullied fellow patients, made outlandish demands and invited paparazzi to take pictures of her. Case in point: the reality star donned a tiny pink bikini as she posed for paparazzi on the beach during her day off from rehab on Sunday. She even tried to take photos with another famous patient staying at the center “Tan Mom” Patricia Krentcil. During her http://www.farrahsuperstar.org week-long stay, Abraham was almost asked to leave on more than one occasion.
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I don’t need to explain.’ But her rueful mood appeared rather brief, and she headed on to another party in Boston the following night. ‘I Love #BOSTON 🙂 C U @TheGreatestbar Tonight 10pm !’ she wrote. Back in July, Farrah voluntarily entered an outpatient programme following her March DUI arrest which saw her sentenced six months court-mandated sobriety, six months probation, and a $500 fine. However, according to a report in Radar, she left The Lukens institute two days early because she was allegedly a ‘disruptive influence’ on the other patients. ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham posts wild drunk videos All apologies: Farrah took to Keek again the next day to express regret about her F-word use In May the Teen Mom star received $1 million from Vivid Entertainment for her adult film debut and was recently offered the role of a prostitute named Destiny on the iconic NBC daytime show Days Of Our Lives after sending producers a selection of home videos.
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Deen, however, never confirmed her statements, and revealed quite the opposite: that Abraham had contacted him to film the porn video. Definitely not dating. Got tested together on Friday and then saw her on set. That is my only experience with the lady, Deen told TMZ in April. Despite Abrahams protests, Deen was adamant that the video was simply a business arrangement.
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Farrah Abraham Flaunts Bikini Body, New Pics Pop Up While She’s in Rehab

18 in Las Vegas, Nev. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Blake Lively attended Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy on Sept. 18. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 George Clooney was spotted on set of “Tomorrowland” on Sept. 18 in Vancouver, Canada.
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James Deen Talks Farrah Abraham ‘Drama Train’ Porno

8, 2013 4:10 PM PDT Loading… Ralph Notaro / Splash News Enjoying the holiday weekend! Farrah Abraham was spotted on a beach in Florida donning a revealing pink bikini. She also appeared to be in rather good spirits as she donned some skimpy workout wear during a jog earlier in the day. Things seem to be taking a positive turn for the 22-year-old.
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Farrah Abraham celebrates birthday at adult film convention, mingles with porn stars

She did not make that much. If she had made that much, she would have shown everyone the check instead of waiting a few weeks to show everyone the residuals check! Its obvious she was lying. PHOTOS: Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Shows Off Her Scandalous Bikini Body Myla claims, She makes all of her money off of [nightclub] bookings and her sugar daddy website. Shes doing anything she can. Shes desperate. When quizzed about her use of the site, Farrah initially told Radar it was a scam being engineered by an obsessed fan. As you know there are tons of fakes and scams out there and I cant control my obsessed fans, she said via email. Then, when confronted with the text messages from Myla, she said they were made up texts to cause drama. PHOTOS:Betrayal!
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VIDEO: Watch Farrah’s music video Michael Lohan tells E! News of the benefits of undergoing treatment at The Lukens Institute: “The Lukens Institute is not your standard 12-step program. They deal with core issuesthe trauma that leads to addiction rather than the addiction itself,” he says. Lohan also says the program is ideal for someone like Farrah, who has an infamously strained relationship with her family. “They have great family therapy,” he explains. “People who go into treatment usually have a lot of family issues.
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Updated at August 14, 2013 12:04 pm . Comments 5 Kris Humphries’ ex, Myla Sinanaj, a.k.a. the anti- Kim Kardashian , made her X-rated film debut Monday. And Farrah Abraham is far form happy about it. Incredibly (or perhaps not incredibly, given either’s claim to fame), the two sex tape stars were once friends. Now they are just dirty, sexy rivals, though. Myla made headlines yesterday claiming that Farrah is a sugar-daddy trolling liar and an opportunist who will do anything (or anyone) to get rich.
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Forget balloons and cake. Farrah Abraham celebrated her 22nd birthday on Friday with an appearance at Exxxotica, an annual adult film convention in Florida. The reality star, who reportedly sold her sex tape to Vivid Entertainment for almost $1 million , mingled with porn stars and producers at the event. Uri Schanker/FilmMagic Abraham, who reportedly netted nearly $1 million for her sex tape, is making appearances at clubs across the country this summer. Abraham, sporting a black dress and pearls, promoted her sex tape, “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” at the Vivid booth. Fans could pose for a photo with Abraham for $20 a pop. Abraham seemed to be enjoying herself at the X-rated expo, stopping to take a puff from a hookah on display and checking browse out an array of motorcycles.
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‘smallville’ Actor Sam Jones Iii Is Headed To Federal Prison

Another show was “Riptide,” which not everyone remembers. Wasn’t that Joe Penny? Wasn’t he the lead actor? Yes. Yeah, he was very serious.
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EW has confirmed Sam Jones III, the actor best known for playing Clark Kents high school friend Pete Ross on Smallville, was sentenced to a year in federal prison on Wednesday for conspiring to sell more than 10,000 pills of the painkiller oxycodone. The actors Canoga, Calif. home was raided in 2009 after local police learned of Jones possible connection to a prescription drug ring. He was found guilty last December when it was confirmed that Jones was indeed the Hollywood connection the police had been searching for, and initially faced http://www.karissashannontape.net/ up to 20 years behind bars. Jones will also face three years of probation once he has completed his prison sentence.
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‘Smallville’ Actor Sam Jones Sentenced To 1 Year in Jail for Drug Bust

Whats it like doing security work in Mexico right now? It seems a little scary at the moment. It can be for somebody whos not paying attention, whos not using common sense. It could be very scary. Its all perception.
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‘Flash Gordon’ star Sam Jones is now a bodyguard in Mexico? The actor explains his career change

E! Online is reporting that in addition to the jail term, the judge has ordered that Jones to serve three years supervised probation once he’s released from a jail. Jones Tweeted a message after his sentencing, “Just got out of court! God is Great!! #FAITH!!!” The 28-year-old actor was busted in 2009 after a raid at his home was conducted by DEA agents looking to shut down a drug ring trading in the illegal purchase and distribution of Oxycontin.
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How Very Patriotic! Farrah Abraham Wears Gold Stars And Stripes Bikini As She Frolics On The Beach On Labour Day

Despite racking up a reported seven-figure settlement for her skin flick “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” Farrah Abraham has turned to her fans to keep up her lavish lifestyle. The 22-year-old reality TV actress-turned-porn star compiled an Amazon Wish List on Aug. 18, bidding fans to buy her gifts at a hefty fee, reports E! News .
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Despite being on her own on the beach, the mother-of-one looked like she was having a great time – running up and down the waters edge. Golden girl: Farrah’s stars and stripes bikini was gold and black, working well with her toned skin This is fun: The reality star splashed about in the waves spraying herself with the water Write caption here And perhaps a sign she wasnt planning on taking a swim any time soon the Teen Mom star had a full face of make-up, including heavy eye liner. Taking to Twitter at the start of the weekend Farrah wrote: #LaborDay WEEKEND!!! turning my phone off!
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Farrah Abraham not heading to daytime

Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Channing Tatum enjoyed a night out at Groucho Club in London, UK on Sept. 4. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Dakota Fanning and her much-older model boyfriend went hand-in-hand for a stroll around New York City on Sept. 4. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Nicole Richie was seen wearing a denim dress outside her hotel after attending the Style Awards in New York City on Sept.
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Farrah Abraham Shows How Eating a Strawberry Can Be ‘Damn Hot’ (PHOTO)

During her week-long stay, Abraham was almost asked to leave on more than one occasion. Uri Schanker/FilmMagic Abraham was asked to leave on more than one occasion, but http://www.farrahsuperstar.org was given a second chance Radar reports. RELATED: FARRAH ABRAHAM UPRADES HER BREASTS FROM C-CUP TO D-CUP “Farrah pleaded with them to stay last week and pledged her commitment to the program,” the source added. “Lukens was reluctant but offered her a second chance.” “The staff didn’t throw her out then because they wanted her to get the treatment that she needs.” RELATED: FARRAH ABRAHAM: ‘I’M NOT WATCHING’ MY SEX TAPE Doug Meszler / Splash News/Doug Meszler / Splash News ‘At this time in my life, I need to stay focused on the positive to get through all of the negative that a DUI has caused in my life,’ Abraham previously said.
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Farrah Abraham kicked out of rehab program early for ‘disruptive’ behavior: report

In April, videos of the single mom, with the title of “Days of Our Lives audition,” surfaced online, sparking speculation that she would be heading to the small screen once again. On Wednesday, a new report suggested that the audition tapes convinced show producers to hire Abraham, specifically for the role of a hooker named Destiny.
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Farrah Abraham Poses In Bikini After Filming Sex Tape With James Deen (PHOTOS)

But she feels good about the way she looks and wants to show it off and flaunt it. So what? Good for her. Eating a strawberry is far less egregious than some of the things she has done lately, so let’s applaud her healthy dose of confidence in her looks and move on. Damn hot, Farrah.
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