Farrah Abraham Lip Implant: ‘botched’ Season 2?

Paul Nassif to fix her disastrous lip injections. According to the site, sources have confirmed Abraham will appear Farrah Abraham,sex video on Botched when the show returns to E! later this year. After going under the knife, Farrah Abraham shared horrific photos of her reaction to the implant with her fans on Twitter. Girlfriends dont say I didnt warn ya! #BOTCHED California. Right away, the story began circulating the web, and on January 6, TMZ reported the following . Farrah says she researched the doctor and the procedure and decided it was a safe bet. She was wrong. She says the doctors injected her with an anesthetic before the procedure and believes she had a MAJOR allergic reaction. A short time later, Abraham revealed what happened during the procedure in an interview with Hollywood Life.
Source http://www.inquisitr.com/1763340/farrah-abraham-meets-with-dr-terry-dubrow-after-botched-lip-implant-procedure/